Garage Doors

Elevate your home's aesthetic with our premium doors crafted for durability and sophistication. Choose from a variety of modern designs, superior materials, and smart technology options. Discover the perfect balance of form and function today!

Retractable Roof

This is a high quality, remote controlled automatic retractable roof with integrated drainage system. Almost two third of the roof can be opened. Multiple modules can be assembled in one roof.

Barset Overhead

The BARSET door or façade is a perfect solution to open space for big façades.Perfectly stable, it can be driven electrically with manual release mechanism.

Wind Breaker System

Explore our aluminum and glass wind breaker system, a stylish and durable solution that blocks wind while preserving unobstructed views and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Vertical Sliding Single Panel

Single sliding facade. Made up of steel frame and glass designed to maximize vision and access space. Special rubber profiles ensure water and air tightness.

Elevating & Rotating Platform

Our innovative automatic elevating or rotating platform ( turntable ), designed to simplify your tasks, enhance accessibility, and captivate your audience by showcasing your products or displays with a mesmerizing rotating feature."

Vertical Sliding Multi Panels

These sliding facades come in two options: upwards or downwards.They are made up of steel frame and glass designed to maximizevision. Special rubber profiles ensure water and air tightness.

Sliding Folding Door

Experience the versatility of our steel sliding folding doors, offering seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, space-saving design, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of any space. This system can be operated automatically or manually .

Bifold Overhead Doors

The Bi-Fold overhead door has the big advantage of not interfering with inner space of the room since it is hanged in the outside range.

Telescopic Sliding Gate

Needed where there is no space for a single sliding door to retract to. Feasible for up to Four leafs.

Industrial Telescopic Sliding Gate

This gate used for various industrial application including hangar or aircraft doors, industrial doors, partitions, etc.…

Retractable Bollard

Designed for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access . Easy to operate with low maintenance . The bollard is secured with a special lock .